Services & Specialties

We offer a range of services centred around software development including the development of bespoke software, cloud based solutions, mobile friendly web apps. We also offer coaching in the use of Agile techniques and the Scrum framework for teams looking to become for agile.


  • Perform software development reviews

  • Provide full life cycle skills

  • Expert skills in Microsoft .Net framework including:

    • C#, VB.Net

    • MVC

    • ASP.Net

    • WPF

    • WCF

    • Expert database skills including:

      • MS SQL Server

      • MySql

Agile Teams

    • We can help your teams adopt agile techniques

    • We can provide Scrum coaching whether your just starting out trying Scrum or are looking to start mult-team, distributed Scrum projects.

    • Provide assistance for companies looking to outsource projects but keeping a Scrum approach.