Guest House Manager FAQ

I'm a guest house owner, why do I need this software?

    • save you time, save you money

    • work more efficiently with all important data at your fingertips.

    • room availability just a click away

    • daily task schedules (who's leaving, who's coming)

    • take enquiries and bookings on the move from the web

    • specially optimised to run on smartphone browsers

    • comprehensive guest data

    • widgets to integrate availability and booking request into any website

    • automatically manage data from online booking sites, like

    • with all your data in a single place we manage run a range of reports

    • no installation, it's all accessed via the web

    • data is backed up for you.

    • multi-lingual support (limited languages at launch)

Is this an online booking system?

Not really, we're not trying to compete with the likes of, expedia, There will be the ability for potential guest to make online booking request, this will not allow the guest to confirm and pay for a booking. It will record the request in the system and alert the guest house via email. From this the booking can be completed. We may introduce complete online booking as a future feature.

The aim is to manage the running of a guest house, by having all booking data and guest data in one system we can then easily see the availability, plan the day to day movements, report on the overall business status. With the ability to synchronize data with major online booking systems we hope to make it easy to have all data in one place.

Channel Management - What's that?

The ability of this system to talk we online booking systems, like This will allow the system to know about bookings made on other systems and update those systems with the latest availability and room rates. Initially we will develop integration with only Other booking channels will be developed for as demand dictates.

When will this system be ready?

We're busy working on it right now. We hope to have the first production release available late Summer 2012.

Will the software evolve?

Of course. From the feedback we get we're continuously optimize the features, add new requested features and reach for new markets.

Is my data safe?

Yes, it's in the cloud. This means the data is securely stored on hardware provided by Microsoft. This data is backed up automatically in distributed locations. SSL is used to ensure all data is secure as it's transmitted over the internet. SSL is an internet standard, with most browsers when you're on a secure site you will see a padlock symbol in the address bar.

What technology are you using?

Mainly tools from Microsoft, including, ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server and hosted in the Azure cloud.